What To Expect on Your Nail Business Journey?

What To Expect on Your Nail Business Journey?

Mar 09, 2022Lou Sta Maria
Hey Babe!

Is it true that choosing between gel polish, polygel, dip powder, acrylic powder products, equipment and devices is the least of your concerns? Today we're going to explore that question for you!

1. Starting a business is insanely stressful! It is a huge commitment. Entrepreneurs often fail to grasp how much time, resources, and energy goes into starting and growing a business.

You should not only learn the basics, the application, the nail products, and your nail art. Purchasing new products is vital to ensuring your clients will return since you have all the products that they need in their own design. It might be that newly released polygel, acrylic powder or nail charms. You may spend a lot of money on these expensive nail products, but buying good quality products for your customers will return your investment in no time. 
Building a business requires that you take these categories into account, since market trends are more important than the market's current state. It is important to evaluate whether your niche or product fits into a fad, a trend, a stable market, or a growing market?
  • Fad. Something that rises in popularity for a short period of time and falls out just as quickly as a fad. You can make money from a fad if you enter the market and exit at the right time, but this can be difficult to predict and can lead to disaster.
  • Trend. A trend is a direction the market for a product appears to be taking over a long period of time. The trend grows more slowly than a fad, lasts more time, and in general does not decline nearly as fast.
  • Stable. A stable market is free from shocks and bumps. It does not decline nor grow but maintains itself over time.
  • Growing. One that has experienced consistent growth and shows signs of a long-term or permanent market shift is one that is growing.
2. Building your clientele requires consistency. In the beginning, you have to have a good product or service, if not great. Your product/service must be unique and differentiated from that of your competitors. That is the guiding principle behind everything else.

It is also important to know your target market. Are they students? Nail DIYers? Or professionals like you who are also looking into the latest trends? Just keep in mind that you cannot please everyone. Be true to yourself and be professional. In order to be successful in business, it is extremely important that you are aware of these things. Aside from social media marketing, "word of mouth" is still the best form of advertising.

3. Having a goal in mind is important. Updating your skills in the latest nail designs and techniques will attract clients to your work. It will also help you grow as a nail tech. By developing your own technique and being creative, you will keep up with current trends.

4. Don’t lose hope and just keep going! It's important to be positive, trustworthy, and to be able to listen. Practicing your pitch and getting feedback from a variety of people is the best way to refine it. You need to be confident, creative, and always think of sales and expanding your network.
Keep in mind that every client is a nail journey for you. It is imperative that you have what it takes to be "that" nail technician that clients look forward to booking an appointment with. 
Good luck on your nail business journey!

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