New All-In-One Acrylic & Dip System (2-in-1)

New All-In-One Acrylic & Dip System (2-in-1)

Feb 28, 2022Lou Sta Maria

 Hey Babe!

Another question that I was asked was, "Is there a system that combines acrylic and dip in one?"

It may sound bizarre, but yes, such a system exists. The All-in-One Acrylic System is a combination of the best ingredients that can be used as acrylic powders, dip powders, 3D designs, sugar effects, and much more. Since you can get acrylic powder and dip powder in one jar, you won't have to buy both separately.

Just like dip powder and acrylic powder, these two types are applied in the same manner. Here are the quickest ways you can get acrylic-finish nails!

Dip powder manicure with all-in-one acrylic and dip:

Acrylic powder manicure with all-in-one acrylic and dip: 

Can this All-in-one acrylic and dip manicure application last for a long time?

With the right application and care, it can also last up to three to four weeks without chipping. With nail dipping and acrylic manicures, you can always maintain them by doing the same dipping and filling on your growing nails.

What is the best way to remove an acrylic and dip manicure all in one?

You can do it very easily! Once your nails have been filed off, you'll need to dissolve them by soaking them in acetone to prevent nail damage or breakage, or you can simply use your nail drill to remove the manicure quickly. 

If you plan to remove your All-in-one acrylic and dip manicure, make sure to buff or file off the glossy top layer with a nail file or nail drill.

How do All-in-one acrylic and dip systems differ from gel polishes or polygels?

Dip powders are better than gel polish and polygels due to their durability. What I love about dip powders is that they are a healthier alternative to growing out my natural nails. Additionally, they are enriched with vitamins and calcium, which is good for my nails. Compared to others, acrylic nails are stronger and longer lasting.

I'll prove it to you! We will be unveiling Makartt's All-IN-ONE ACRYLIC & DIP SYSTEM (2-in-1) PRO line in the next few hours! We are so excited! Stay tuned!



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