What is Gel Polish Manicure?

What is Gel Polish Manicure?

Jan 14, 2022Lou Sta Maria

Hey Babe!

A lot of people are asking me what type of manicure I prefer? To be honest, I like the polygel manicure for an elongated and adventurous nail look, the dip powder for a convenient and natural vibe, and the gel polish as my everyday and go-to manicure! đŸ’…đŸ»

What is gel manicure?

Gel manicure is a system that uses gel polish that is cured under UV LED lamp and can last 3x longer than your regular nail polish plus it starts with a base coat and is sealed with a top coat!

Another important thing, gel polish is made from natural resin and non-toxic ingredients that can generally last up to 2-3 weeks with proper application and care, plus the possibility of nail designs are endless! 

Quick Steps in using Gel Polish!

Perfect Gel Polish Application:

1. Nail Preparation. Always start by removing oil and dirt from your natural nails by using alcohol or nail dehydrator.

2. Don’t forget to buff the surface of your nails especially if you are using nail tips to elongate your nails. Note: When using nail tips, ensure that they fit side wall to side wall and use just a little bit of nail glue to not overwhelm the nail bed.

3. Before adding color, apply a generous amount of base coat as the first layer to protect your nails from absorbing any pigment and also allow your gel manicure to last longer.

4. Go ahead and cure the base coat for 30 seconds before moving on to applying gel polish.

5. When applying gel polish, apply slowly so that you give the gel polish a little bit of time to level itself out for a super smooth application.

6. Before curing the nails, dip a nail brush in acetone and clean up the edges for full coverage, and cure for 30 seconds.

7. Apply the second coat of your gel polish carefully and evenly to get that perfect color. Since Makartt gel polish is supersaturated, you only need two coats to get that perfect gel color.

8. When you’re happy with the results, go ahead and cure for another 30 seconds. Remember: Do not over cure, it will make the gel polish dry and will form a hard layer that will take more time to remove.

9. Lastly, finish off sealing everything with a top coat and cure your nails for another 30 seconds!

Note: You can always play with your nails by adding in rhinestones and other nail decorations to create the ultimate radiant look.

And that’s how to get a perfect gel polish manicure every time! 💞

Check out these awesome gel polish nail looks!

Another important question is, "How to remove gel polish?"

There are several ways to remove the gel polish off your natural nails but make sure to do the safest ways to protect your nail beds and cuticles.

Remember: Always buff or file off the shiny top layer of your gel manicure with a nail file to make the removal process easier.

1. Soak your nails in water with a good amount of dishwashing liquid for 20-30 minutes until your nails lift and soften, then you can use a scraper/pusher to remove the nail polish residue.

2. Use cotton with a fine amount of acetone to cover up your nails and wrap each finger with foil to enclose the acetone for 15 minutes. When the gel nails are starting to lift, you can scrape off the gel polish residue.

3. You can also do the second step with a foil wrap set that you can purchase from your favorite online nail store. Just put a little acetone on the pad and wrap around your nail/finger, wait a few minutes for the gel polish to come right off, and work with a double-use scraper/pusher to remove the gel polish residue.

4. You can also use a nail drill to remove the gel polish faster. Nail drill e file is a perfect on-hand tool for buffering, grinding, sharpening, smoothing, shading and polishing as well. 

Note: Make sure to moisturize your nails after cleaning with a nail cuticle oil or a hand cream.

The ultimate question is, "Is gel polish expensive?"

Let me tell you, babe, gel polish price ranges from $5 to even $15 per bottle. There are also gel polish sets and starter kits that you can purchase starting from $27 which already have all the nail essentials including several gel polishes, base coat & top coat, plus your very own mini UV LED lamp.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend you to purchase your very own UV LED lamp. It doesn't have to be a professional 48W -54 W curing lamp if you're doing your nails at home. You can start from an 18W - 24W curing lamp for a DIY manicure or a 5W - 6W mini rechargeable lamp if you are always on the go. Trust me, it will go a long way! 

What I love about Makartt gel polish!

What are you waiting for? Grab your fave gel polish now! 😉     


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