Polygel and Gel Polish Expert has a New Line, Nail Dip Powders!

Polygel and Gel Polish Expert has a New Line, Nail Dip Powders!

Jan 16, 2022Lou Sta Maria

Hey Babes!

The wait is finally over! Introducing Makartt’s "dippies" set which includes 6 neutral everyday dipping powder shades, base coat, activator, top coat and brush saver/cleaner plus our professional hand file and acrylic brush!

As explained on my previous Nail Dip blog, this nail dip system is highly recommended for growing natural nails due to added vitamins and calcium in the dipping powder without damaging your nail bed. 

Let's get to know dipping powder better!

Are you ready to get a salon quality nails?


Let's get further into "Details and Importance" of each of the formulas!

1. Nail prep- clean, file and dehydrate.

2. First, apply STEP 1 which is our base coat – this serves as the glue that sticks the powder on to the nails. Note: The process should be used on one fingernail at a time because it dries quickly.

3. Dip your nail immediately to the dipping powder at a 45-degree angle, make sure the base coat is covering the entire nail so the dip powder can do a full coverage on your nails.

4. Once nails are covered with the dip powder, tap your nails to remove the excess. Wait to dry for up to 30 seconds

5. Then use your dipping brush to dust off excess powder each and every dip (You can repeat the coat and dip process for 2-3 times if you already have the consistency and nail coverage that you want)

6. STEP 2 is the Activator- it serves as the sealer which activates the powder and dries up the nails.

7. File, shape, and buff- make sure to smoothen the surface of the nails to make everything adhere, thin out the product around the cuticle to get that perfect nail shape.

8. Wipe the nails off to remove residue of powders to smoothen the surface of the nails

9. STEP 3 is the Top Coat – Add the top to make the nails shiny and long-lasting. Allow to air dry for 60 seconds and there you have it! Gorgeous looking natural nails!

Note: STEP 4 - Brush Saver: This bottle is for cleaning brushes in between and during applications for dissolving any leftover powder. It maintains a soft and clean brush during applications since dip powder base coats are sometimes too sticky to work with.

How long can dip powder application last?

With the right application and care, it can also last up to 3-4 weeks without chipping. The best thing about nail dipping manicure is that you can always maintain it by doing the same dipping process on growing nails on the cuticle area.

How to remove the nail dip manicure?

It's very easy to do! Just file off the shine of your nails then you'll need to patiently and diligently dissolve them by soaking your nails in acetone to avoid nail damage or breakage, then follow up by consistently keeping your cuticles hydrated with nail cuticle oil. 

Remember: Always buff or file off the shiny top layer of your dip powder manicure with a nail file to make the removal process easier.

1. Use cotton with a fine amount of acetone to cover up your nails and wrap each finger with foil to enclose the acetone for 15 minutes. When the dip powder nails are starting to lift, you can scrape off the dip powder polish residue.

2. You can also do the second step with a foil wrap set that you can purchase from your favorite online nail store. Just put a little acetone on the pad and wrap around your nail/finger, wait a few minutes for the dip powder to come right off, and work with a double-use scraper/pusher to remove the dip powder residue.

3. You can also use a nail drill to remove gel polish, polygel and dip powder faster. Nail drill e file is a perfect on-hand tool for buffering, grinding, sharpening, smoothing, shading and polishing as well. 

Why dip powders are better than gel?

I think dip powders are better than gel polish due to their durable feature. And what I love about them is that dip powders are healthier alternative to grow out my natural nails. They also have added vitamins and calcium that are good for nails.

Tips and Tricks!

- The number one trick on dip powder manicure is the SPEED. You need to make sure to dip your finger immediately to the powder after applying the base coat.

- It is also very important to dip the nail at a 45-degree angle to cover everything up!

- You cannot use a regular base coat in replacement of the dip powder base coat because the dip powder base coat is specifically formulated to bind with the powder.

- But.. here's the good part, you can use the regular gel polish or polygel top coat to seal your dip powder manicure! 😉

 Here are some nail "dippies" inspiration for you! 

Let me know what you think about our new "dippies"! 😉


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  • You can order the Makartt product line from Amazon and have it in just a couple of days.

    Rennae Christman
  • I keep trying to locate the dio powder base coat. I dropped an busted my bottle an can’t use my dip powders without it. Please let me know when an how to get the base coat for my dip powder please?!

  • I keep trying to locate the dio powder base coat. I dropped an busted my bottle an can’t use my dip powders without it. Please let me know when an how to get the base coat for my dip powder please?!

  • I keep coming to your site and the app looking for Dip powder base coat. Not understanding how you sell all the dip powders but no base coat? I really need some!

  • Hi-
    I have been looking to purchase your Base Coat & Activator for your Dippies System. Unfortunately it is ALWAYS “out of stock” so I am told. I am also told that they cannot tell me when it will be back in stock or if ever.
    This is such a disappointment, I would really love to purchase more. It is a great system, that I really like to use.
    If you could let me know if it will be returning or not, I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance for your assistance in this matter.
    ~ Michele


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