Discount Codes

We're proud to introduce you to our amazing MakarttPro brand ambassadors! These talented individuals are an integral part of our community, helping us to educate others about our products and showcase their incredible nail art skills.

By supporting our brand ambassadors, you're not only getting access to exclusive content and inspiration but also directly supporting the creators who make it all possible.

Below is a list of our brand ambassadors along with their 15% off discount codes. We encourage you to use their codes during checkout to enjoy your discount and show your support for these incredible content creators:

Handle Member of 15% Off Discount Code
@miaakayyx Brand Artist MIAKAY
@seylahh Brand Artist SEYY
@nailsxalmaa Brand Artist Alma15
@ivvie.nails Brand Artist Ivvienails
@nailedbyevelyn1017 Brand Artist Evelyn17
@grabbersbymiks Brand Artist miks
@beautyxmaira Pink Squad MAIRA15
@indigeaux_luxnails Pink Squad INDI
@prettygirlsgetacrylic Pink Squad PGGA
@evnnails_ Pink Squad EVNNAILS
@nailz_by_ashleyyy Pink Squad ASHLEY15
@nailesbyclari Pink Squad Clari15
@polishedandglamorous Pink Squad Polished18
@Gmarienails, theonlygmarie Pink Squad GMARIE
@setsbyangiee_ Pink Squad SETSBYANGIEE
@_NailsByVane Pink Squad Vaneee15
@_kiarra.j Pink Squad Kiarraj15
@slayybyesmi Pink Squad Slayybyesmi
@ciasclaws Pink Squad CIASCLAWS
@lovelieannie Pink Squad STEPH
@nashalynails Pink Squad NASH
@nailsbylynn Pink Squad LYNN15
@slayed_nailz Pink Squad Slayednailz15
@gianna_does_nails Pink Squad Giannadoesnails15


Thank you for supporting MakarttPro and our amazing brand ambassadors!