What Is the Best Curing Lamp for Gel Polish and Polygel?

What Is the Best Curing Lamp for Gel Polish and Polygel?

Feb 01, 2022Lou Sta Maria

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As much as you like looking for that perfect new gel polish or polygel color, you should also consider the finest lamp to cure it with. Should you go with a UV or a LED lamp? Or perhaps both? Let's see how this goes!

What is the Importance of Curing Lamps to Polygel and Gel Polish?”

The curing lamp, as discussed in my Polygel and gel polish articles, plays an important role in these nail products. It hardens the polygel, forming a strong bond between the polygel and the nails. Gel polish is cured under a UV LED lamp, which allows it to stay three times longer than normal nail polish, which begins with a base coat and is sealed with a top coat!

Let me help you find the best lamp option depending on your needs!

Let's first distinguish between UV lighting and LED lighting.

UV lamps have lower light intensities and require longer to cure than LED lamps due to moderate heat spikes, whereas LED lamps have greater light intensities with intense heat spikes and should only cure for a shorter length of time.

  • With that being said, is a LED lamp better than a UV lamp?

Why pick between the two when you can have both? Each LED UV bead in the Makartt UV/LED lamp has a longer lifetime chip. In order to eliminate mercury risks, we use LED beads instead of UV tubes, which emit a higher intensity for a shorter curing time.

Note: The UV mode is the lower key of the 2 in 1 LED and UV light; the higher key is the standard mode, which is the LED key with a longer light wave.

Nail Lamp Must-haves!

Mini Curator "Mini USB Curing Lamp"- This mini USB Nail Lamp is a super functional, travel-friendly nail lamp for those who need to flaunt it. While on the go! This chic, lightweight nail lamp turns on when you press down on top and turns off automatically after 60 seconds. Because to its fold-out standees, the small design is retractable for convenient storage and portability. The built-in automated timer is safe and simple to operate, requiring only one touch to switch on.

6W Mini USB Nail Curing Lamp- This 6W UV LED nail light is ideal for curing UV/LED gel, poly nail gel, acrylic nail gel, and builder gel with little heat. When compared to other products, its light is closer to white light and does not affect the eyes or skin. This fashionable and long-lasting curing lamp is suitable for personal use and makes an excellent present for friends. Its pocket size, micro-USB connector, and USB line make it ideal for on-the-go use.

Handheld 5W Nail Curing Lamp in Pink or White- This rechargeable UV nail lamp has a 1500 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery, so you won't have to worry about plugging it in. With its 2 pieces strong LED light beads source, this nail lamp reduces curing time and can quickly dry all types of UV/LED gel, hard gel, polygel, base & topcoat. The nail light has a one-button operation and a two-timer setting design.

What is the optimal number of watts?

For professional use, 48 watts and higher are strong, allowing you to cure in less time. Without a doubt! Who has time to discard? Whatever we do, we all need technology that helps us save time. Right?

48W Nail Curing Lamp- Durable and environmentally friendly: Each LED UV bead has a lifespan of 50000 hours, making it excellent for home and salon use. It is a Multifunctional and Adjustable Curing Lamp with an automatic sensor for curing 99s or two-timing, with 30s/60s setting.

Highly Recommended!

54W Rechargeable UV LED Nail Curing Lamp- The Makartt 54W Rechargeable UV/LED Nail Curing Lamp is designed with advanced LED technology, making it the perfect curing lamp for polygel, gel polish, builder gel, and more! Designed with convenience, performance, and usability in mind, this lamp is a salon and DIY'ers must-have.


  • A unique preset cure duration of 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and a low heat feature of 90 seconds
  • 54 Watts maximum curing lamp with a rechargeable design that eliminates the need for untidy cords.
  • When completely charged, the 2000ma battery has a 2-hour continuous battery life.
  • A fast-charging feature that takes only 2.5 hours to fully charge the lamp
  • Acetone resistant
  • Manual start and stop function with on/off switch
  • Countdown timer on an LCD display
  • Removable stainless steel tray design allows for easy sanitization and is ideal for pedicures.
  • Design that is quiet, elegant, and contemporary.
  • 1 Year Warranty from the date of purchase

How to cure polygel/ gel nails:



1. Your hand must be placed under a UV/LED lamp immediately after nail operations to cure the base coat, polygel, gel polish, and topcoat.

2. Avoid direct contact with the lamp by keeping your hands or fingers away from the top and sides. 

3. Each coat of your nails should only be cured for 30-60 seconds.

4. Avoid over curing, which can lead to nail damage and a rougher manicure texture.

Why can’t I use any nail lamp for my favorite products?

  • Every lamp on the market has a unique construction and wattage that is ideal for curing applications.
  • Purchasing a UV/LED light from the same gel polish manufacturer is strongly recommended because a certain brand is more knowledgeable about its products.

Aside from quality and assurance while curing your manicure, comfort and convenience are essential!


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