Top 10 Spring Fever Nail Trends this 2022!

Top 10 Spring Fever Nail Trends this 2022!

Apr 09, 2022Lou Sta Maria

Hey Babe!

It’s Spring Fever!

Although pink, yellow, blue, purple and green always have a place in Spring, why not try something a little different this year? It doesn't matter if you're going to a nail salon or doing your own nails at home, Instagram and Tiktok have dozens of ideas.

There are plenty of pretty pastel colors coming in hot this spring, but also get ready for nail trends that are just plain fun. Colorful nail stripes, exciting French tips, nail foils, glitters, rhinestones, blings and playful nail charms are just a few of the ways you can dress up your nails!

Let's get rid of those old nail looks and try something new! Since Spring is already here, let us share some nail ideas that are perfect for this season. 

Here are our top 10 nail designs that you can find on our Makartt Official youtube channel:

  1. Sweet & Sparkling Dip Powder Look

  2. Polygel Nails with Frosted Gummy Bear Charms

  3. Cotton Candy Inspired Pastel Gel Polish Tips

  4. Peach Polygel with Pink French Tips

  5. Pretty Pastel Gel Polishes with Butterfly Decals and Rhinestones

  6. Acrylic Powder with Floral Marble Design 

  7. Euphoria Inspired Chain Nails

  8. Dried Flower Nail Art

  9. Sweet Cravings Nail Design

  10. Rhinestone Studded Spring Bling Nails

It wasn't hard to determine the 10 biggest winners for spring's color trends. Look beyond Soft Lavender to discover Light Teal, Hot Pink, Beach Body Nude, Scarlet, Ocean Peace Blue, Resort Green, Neon Green, and Sunset Yellow for our single gel polish collection.

You can never feel so sprung with our polygel single colors that will surely give you the best Spring vibe! We’ve got the Flamingo Pink, Green-eyed Monster, Daffodil, Pumpkin Orange, Covetous and your forever fave glittery shade of Starry Night, Rosalia, Iris Dream and Highlighter!

Don’t forget our best selling all-in-one dip acrylic powders that are truly perfect for this season! Meet Pink Gogh, Nude Squared, Sugar White and the best encapsulator, our Clear powder!

Let’s complete your nail look with our newly launched nail glitters, rhinestones, butterfly, snake, gummy bear charms and many more!

Will it be a Spring Bling or a Spring Fling! 😉


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