Introducing Makartt's Newest Raw Glitter Collection!

Introducing Makartt's Newest Raw Glitter Collection!

Apr 14, 2022Lou Sta Maria

Hey Babe!

We are launching multiple different styles of raw glitters that can be mixed with acrylic, gel polish, nail lacquer, dip powder, polygel or even used as a sugaring technique without any top coat

Save the date! APRIL 15, 2022 @ 1PM CENTRAL

Each glitter is designed with a mix of shapes and sizes for a multi-dimensional finish. Packaged in convenient 1oz jars, these glitters are super handy to show off to your next nail client for that extra amp! 

We have  fine, mixed, chunky, and holographic glitter designs in various vibrant colors that you'll surely love!

Wanna know more?

Here are the 3 techniques that can be done  on your  natural nails or even on nail enhancements. 


  1. To start, you have to prepare your nails and apply a base coat. After that, you can apply your gel polish, polygel, or acrylics and cure for 30 seconds, depending on what base product you are using since some require 60 seconds of LED lighting
  2. Cover your nails with the top coat, but don't cure them yet. 
  3. Using a cuticle pusher or nail tip, scoop your raw glitter and coat the nail starting at the cuticle area and working your way down. 
  4. Make sure you don't have any gaps in there and that it is all evenly coated, then cure it. 
  5. You can brush away any loose glitter in the end with a nail brush and there you have it! Sugar coated glitter nails! 

Note: While this sugar method has quite a rough texture to it, it results in a really nice effect. You can smooth the edges out by gently filing them to polish them out a little bit if they are quite rough. 


  1. You have to prepare your nails before applying the chosen nail base product, just as with any nail technique. 
  2. With a cuticle pusher or extra nail tip, scoop the glitter from the jar and sprinkle it onto your nails, making sure that you apply it evenly.
  3. Then gently push or burnish it into the tacky layer for a smooth glittery touch. 
  4. To clean up the edge, use your brush to remove some of the loose glitter.
  5. Apply your no wipe top coat gently over your burnished nail to make it look nice and smooth.

Note: If there are any little bits poking through, you could go over the top with another coat of top coat or you could gently buff the top and then go over it with top coat just to ensure that everything is smooth.


  1. You may use polygel or acrylic as the nail base and a clear one as the encapsulator.
  2. You just need to spread your glitter out on the nail to get a nice, even coverage and make sure there are no large gaps in the glitter.
  3. When you are happy with how your glitter looks, you can apply another small drop of clear acrylic or polygel over the gap and press the glitter back into place. 
  4. Keep this layer because you will encapsulate the entire nail in clear acrylic or polygel when you're satisfied with how your glitter looks. 
  5. Once you're happy, simply take your acrylic bead or polygel and cap the nail, so you can work the acrylic or polygel down starting at the cuticle area, making sure that you keep the apex as well as the structure of your nails.
  6.  After you finish filing, buff and apply your top coat making sure you cover the whole nail. You will see that after applying your top coat, the glitter just comes to life.

Important Info:

  • I suggest using a  finer glitter when sugaring and burnishing because you do lose some parts of glitter when you use the chunkier or holographic ones. 
  • Smaller bits stay on the nail better than chunkier bits, so I recommend encapsulating in acrylic or polygel for chunkier glitters. 
  • Make sure to follow these steps for a more adventurous and stunning effect.

Hope you enjoyed!  Stay tuned for more glitters soon!


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