Rhinestones and Charms for Stunning Natural and Acrylic Nail Art Designs!

Rhinestones and Charms for Stunning Natural and Acrylic Nail Art Designs!

Mar 25, 2022Lou Sta Maria

 Hey Babe!

Ready to recreate your favorite nail designs with our new rhinestone and charm collection? Launching on April 1st!

Let me give you a quick background about nail embellishments first. 😉

Nail rhinestones are colorful embellishments for your fingernails. These stones resemble gemstones in jewelry, but are smaller and cheaper. A nail gem may be made of rhinestones, paste, plastic or glass with different designs to choose from. Nail techs and nail enthusiasts alike enjoy incorporating nail rhinestones and charms into their nail creations to make their nails ideas come to life!

Nail gems and rhinestones come in a wide variety of colors and styles, they can be clear like diamonds, colored like gemstones, candy inspired charms, furs, and anything you could possibly imagine.

Aside from nail designs, you can also create unique patterns for your phone case, your glasses, handmade cards, clothing, furniture, plates, and electrical appliances.


Makartt’s New Rhinestones and Nail Charms

Our goal at Makartt is to provide our customers with beauty products and tools that combine self-expression and beauty by listening to, working with, and learning from them. Makartt takes its greatest inspiration from you - so be sure to look forward to products tailored specifically to your needs.

The newest collection from Makartt will be launched soon! Our bling collection features several different ultra-sparkly rhinestone styles that will add a dash of bling to your next manicure! Designed to bring your nail game to the next level, these stones come in a variety of sizes. They are great for acrylic, polygel, and gel nails! These glass AB rhinestones and nail charms are of high quality and carefully selected, and are packaged conveniently.

Make your next nail set even more fun by adding some charms! You've seen them all over TikTok and Instagram and it's super easy! Add these fun charms to your nails using Makartt Rhinestone Glue as your adhesive for that extra sparkle!

We have different types of nail charms, some of which are crystal AB and some of which are clear, making them ideal for different styles and designs perfect for either DIYers or Professionals. These stones have a flat back, making it easy to grab and place on the nail. 

How to secure gems or rhinestones?

SUPER ADHESIVE NAIL GEMS GLUE - For artificial and natural nails, the Makartt Rhinestone Nail Art Glue Kit contains a 30g thin gem glue in tube and an 8g thick gel for large gems jewels. The thinner nail art glue is designed for small gems jewels while the thicker gel is for those with flat backs.

A good application can bring a beautiful result for at least 2 weeks, with the use of an LED/UV nail lamp. Super sticky, excellent for attaching gems, jewels, beads, stones to your nails. A proper application can make your nails look sparkling and dazzling for at least 2 weeks (LED/UV nail lamp required).

MULTIFUNCTIONAL NAIL GLUE SET - With a tube design, Makartt stones nail glue gel is convenient for use, allowing you to squeeze out the amount you need for nail art design, no mess! Moreover, it comes with a brush pen to help apply the 8g Pot design nail jewel glue on the nails, bringing convenience to your rhinestones nail art DIY. It comes in a gorgeous gift box, making it the perfect gift for a female friend or family member on any special occasion.

Tube glue gels with a unique texture will stick to small and middle gems; thick tube glue gels are preferred for large gems.

Don't forget to mark your calendars! 34 different types of nail rhinestone and charms will be launched on April 1st!


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