It's Here! Cover Acrylic Powders + Pictures from Makartt Resort 2022!

It's Here! Cover Acrylic Powders + Pictures from Makartt Resort 2022!

Oct 13, 2022Carson Crosley


What a trip! We brought some of our favorite nail artists and influencers to our fabulous Makartt Resort in Texas, hosted by the incredible Hotel Lucy. Nail icons such as @stevenailedit, @slaybyjnails, @emilysusanah, @vee_nailedit, @longhairprettynails, and @dannyblessedit joined in the festivities. Find these wonderful people on Instagram! We want to thank everyone who was involved in this fantastic event. Here are some great pictures from our stay.

Makarrt Resort at Hotel Lucy

Makartt Goodies for our guests


Looking great in Makartt Pink!

Makartt Leadership


Released on October 1st, the new Cover Acrylic Powder flying off of the shelves. The highly anticipated powders come in 12 stunning neutrals and pinks with self-leveling technology. These powders are the perfect base for any nail set.

Partnered beautifully with the Kolinsky Acrylic Brush, this powder creates buildable beads to sculpt the nail to perfection. These powders have a buttery finish that makes working with them a delight. The Cover Powder is great for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

It's all about the Prep!

We all know that a solid foundation is what gives us the best results. Even with its' great adhesion, prepping the nail before applying Cover powder is the most important step. We have you covered with the Makartt Nail Primer and Nail Dehydrator.

Once you've prepped the nails, you are ready for the smooth and buttery finished look of the Cover Acrylic powders. Top off your manicure by adding cuticle oil to help add a finishing touch and give lovely hydration to the nails.

What are Cover Powders?

Cover Acrylic Powder is powder bonded with monomer liquid that when sculpted can create a harder and custom nail shape. Cover powders can be used with tips or natural nails to build strength and newly desired shape. The consistency of your acrylic "bead" can vary depending on your preferred ratio of monomer to Cover powder.

The less monomer liquid used, the more control you will have over the product, but the cover bead will spread less easily along the nail. When using a higher monomer liquid to cover powder ratio to create a bead, the longer brush stroke you will get when creating the new nail shape.

Cover Acrylic Powder is formulated for all experience levels. Its self-leveling, sleek, and velvety finish makes this product a delight to work with.


The Color Palette

This launch features twelve lovely neutrals and pinks that be a great base for any look. You can layer nail art or gel polish on this base with ease! We wanted to create a range of powders that would look great with all skin tones.

The Bright White, Clear, or Milky White are the perfect canvases for any look you are going for whether that is simply to build your base or as a background to your look. The variety of light pinks featuring, our Peach Glaze, Go-To, Gleaming, and Darling Pink, make lovely backgrounds for French tips or your customers committed to the classic Pink and White.

Our bolder powders, Carmel, Bliss, Luxe, and Grapefruit make more of a statement! Those deeper colors make for rich backgrounds on looks that are perfect for fall. The range of colors in this acrylic powder line has you covered in any situation.


How to Pick the Perfect Color for you!

It can be difficult to pick the perfect shade of nude for your nails. You may think the color looks beautiful in the bottle but once it's on your nails, you look washed out. The rule of thumb for finding the best color for you is to look at the underlying undertone in your skin's pigment.

One way to find out what your skin's undertone is is to look at thinner parts of your skin, such as your wrist. While you're at it, it might help even more to compare your pigment to the person next to you to get better visualization.

If your veins appear more purple or blue, you are likely a cooler skin tone. If your veins appear green or green/blue, you are more likely a warmer skin tone. If you can't quite tell the hue of your veins, you might just have a neutral skin tone!

12 New Pink and Nude Acrylic Powders

What Cover Acrylic Powder Color is Right for You?

With twelve new colors in this collection, there is a perfect nude for everyone! From what we have learned, you either have a cool, neutral, or warm skin tone. Cooler skin tones tend to look more flattering in pink colors, while warmer skin tones look more flattering in more beige tones.

If you have a cooler skin tone the perfect colors for you are:

  • Darling Pink
  • Peach Glaze
  • Grapefruit

If you have a warmer skin tone the perfect colors for are:

  • Go-To
  • Gleaming
  • Luxe

Neutral skin tones look best in these colors:

  • Fav
  • Gisele
  • Gimme Nude

This collection has something for every one!

12 New Shades of Cover Acrylic Powder

Cover Acrylic Collection (in 12 Colors)

Self-Leveling & Flawless Finish

Makartt Professional's Cover Acrylic Powder System is a high-quality, self-leveling formula that is designed to give your clients a perfectly flawless finish. The finer particle size makes for a more cohesive bond between acrylic powder and the monomer creating a smoother application.

This powder also provides a thinner finish which requires less filing. Neutral shades act as the base for a plethora of nail enhancements. Polish, gel, and all-in-one powders can easily be added to the sturdy acrylic base if desired.

The Cover Acrylic powder can be paired beautifully with our gel polish, nail polish, and all nail art applications. We are LOVING the #Girlboss Red Gel Polish Set for the fall season! Get creative with the Nude Collection Nail Liner Gel Bundle to add some festive details.


Makartt's Medium setting powder is the middle ground to allow experienced and non-experienced users to work with the product. Love ombre and a high apex? This powder will be an absolute game changer because you won't need to rush against time and it will give you time to build out the perfect nail.

Say goodbye to acrylics that get cloudy and or marble! This formulation prevents graininess and doesn't bubble up. You'll be OBSESSED with this slick, buttery powder that makes application a dream.

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