How to get the Perfect Nail Foil Transfer

How to get the Perfect Nail Foil Transfer

May 12, 2020Shawna Gray

Does anyone else have problems with doing nail art but simple can't get those curves and tiny details right? Some people have two left feet while I swear I have two left hands!

For the longest time, I've been trying to tackle nail art and it was super frustrating messing up and having to remove everything and start over. Over the years, I had given up on doing anything more than French tips and absolutely ENVIED those who have successfully mastered intricate nail designs.

Luckily, after years of trial and (only) error, wanting to crawl myself into a hole and give up, I started relying on nail foil and stickers to help me master my look (with 1/8 of the effort!) Recently, we've received a lot of questions about how to get the perfect transfer without missing bits and pieces so we figured this might be a good way to show you guys!

However, do note that this tutorial will not be able to 100% guarantee a perfect transfer. Nail art does take some time to familiarize and master, but hopefully this video will inspire you to try nail foils and make everyone's life easier! (Especially nearby husband who sometimes gets caught between cross fires of me and my frustrations.)

The product used in this tutorial is Makartt's Nail Art Foil Decoration Set in Floral Sky.


Please feel free to comment below if you like this tutorial or if you have any other questions!

Best of Luck, Girls!



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Comments (3)

  • I used the foil twice now being careful to follow the instructions. The first time went pretty well. There were spots that didn’t transfer but you couldn’t tell. The second time almost nothing transfered. The only difference was that the second time I used nail polish, but according to the instructions this shouldn’t make a difference. I’m disappointed because the product got so many good reviews so I ended up buying several foils kits. Perhaps that particular roll wasn’t good. Hopefully there won’t be any issues with the others.

  • Just used the transfer foil (I bought a 30 roll set so I’m not sure which design I chose) and the transfer foil glue and it worked beautifully! I recommend using an orange stick or something similar to get a really perfect transfer. It’s the first time I’ve ever used a product like this of any brand, and I’m very pleased. I’d post a pic if I could, I’m so happy. Thanks!

    Sheri G.
  • Your transfer foil glue it doesn’t work at all with your instructions. Please do something about it. Answer my email

    Claudia Caprara

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