Easiest French Manicure Nails using Dipping Powder

Easiest French Manicure Nails using Dipping Powder

May 16, 2020Shawna Gray

One of my biggest pet peeves when doing classic French Manicure nails is squiggly, uneven curves. My hands aren't shaky, but they aren't exactly great at creating perfect lines, especially when I switch over to my left hand (who else is with me?).

It doesn't matter which brand, which brush or even which guide sticker I use, I could never get the same, or even close to, the perfect French nail tips that you get when you visit a nail salon. Whenever I do try, I end up having to tell people to not look at my hands closely, as it will reveal just how shaky and unflattering my tips are.

Today, I'm sharing with you guys one of my best kept secrets: Dipping Powder. Whenever I tell people I use dipping powder, the most common reaction I get is "What the **** is that that?" A quick search on Google reveals the following:

"Dip Powder is a safe, healthy alternative to acrylics and gel polish. Dip Powders have no monomer odor when applied, can be done in half the time as acrylics, and soak off easier than gel polish (no scraping!), leaving the nail healthy and beautiful after removal."

Okay, that's awesome. So how does it make your French manicure look better, but also easier? This is because you won't need steady hands to create perfect lines anymore, all you need to do is DIP!

Here's the easiest French manicure tutorial:

Please feel free to comment below if you like this tutorial or if you have any other questions!

As usual, Best of Luck, Ladies!


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  • I want to start doing my own nails at home and wanted to know if there was a starter kit for beginners


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