Invest in Yourself in 2023 with MakarttPro Academy!

Invest in Yourself in 2023 with MakarttPro Academy!

Jan 13, 2023Kali Dennis

In 2022, the #PINKSQUAD held our first MakarttPro Academy class. Educators Tommy Lee, VeeNailedIt, and Natalie Carmona taught aspiring nail artists to take their skills to the next level. We knew this class would be beneficial to our students, but was not aware of the sense of community that would flourish throughout the two-day course. Both the attendees and the Makarrtt team left the event feeling uplifted from being surrounded by such like-minded people. We’re counting down the days for the next course and we hope to see you in attendance! 

Read below on the three main benefits of attending a MakarttPro Academy event and click here to see if we are coming to a city near you!  



1. Learn and practice new skillsMakarttPro Academy’s main goal is YOUR SUCCESS. We make this happen by bringing in the best nail educators in the nation to share their personal tips and tricks with YOU. Our educators hold different sessions throughout the two-day event that focus on nail prep, acrylic application, and so many of nail art techniques! Educators provide detailed tutorials and one-on-one instruction so attendees can leave certified 



  1. Receive Makartt’s best go-to products (by the way, theres a lot!) - Who doesn’t want the Flawless Pro drill and lamp? Our best drill and lamp go to all our attendees along with a bag full of powders, gels, brushes, nail art, and so much more!  



CommunityConnecting with others who are chasing similar goals as you will provide you a new motivation you may not find elsewhere. It will also give you a community you can go to for any questions you might have regarding the nail industry.  



Upcoming Classes – In 2023 we are excited to announce that we are continuing the MakarttPro Academy. This Spring the #PINKSQUAD is traveling to Atlanta, Houston, and Chicago. We would love to see you at one of these events! Click here to reserve your spot. Class space is limited so reserve your ticket while you can! 

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  • Will there be any classes this year? Where do we go to see if there will be any in my area (Tampa, Fl).

    Luisa Donley
  • This looks awesome, how much is the academy and will there be classes next year?

  • Any upcoming classes? Can I get more info please.

  • Will you be having any more classes this year?

    Tiki Remy
  • I have been trying to register for the summer camp in Austin Texas. It’s not letting me it keep showing the pink poly gel tube.

    Denese Taylor
  • Hello I will like to sign up if there’s ever a class in new Jersey or new York. Thank you.

    Jeanette B Serrano
  • Hello, i will like to know will their be any classes in California. If so i do i sign up?


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