Nail Tech How-To: How to Increase Your Prices During Hard-Times

Nail Tech How-To: How to Increase Your Prices During Hard-Times

As a nail tech, it's hard to feel secure during times of economic hardship. Many experience burnt out due to reduced client numbers and stagnant prices. The truth is, during a recession, many clients may look for more affordable options. But this does not mean you should reduce your services. With the right approach, you can upgrade your services and increase your prices. If you’re looking to upgrade your nail tech services, here are a few tips to get started.

1. Upgrade Your Tools

Firstly, upgrade your tools. Invest in a high-quality nail drill and nail lamp. Not only will these upgrades make your job easier, but they will also improve the quality of service you can provide. Whether you're using airbrushed nail art or 3D nail art, a high-quality nail drill and lamp will provide greater accuracy and detail than the tools you may have been using up until now. On top of this, clients will be willing to pay more for these upgraded services, making it easier for you to increase your pricing.

2. Have a Professional, Inviting Workspace

Secondly, create a more efficient workspace. Your work area should be clean, inviting, and professional. Clear your nail area of clutter, dust, and debris. Replace old furniture and equipment to create a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Spend a little extra on higher quality products to up the ante and give your clients the luxury experience they’re paying for. Keeping your space free of dust with a dust collector is also a big plus.

3. Invest in Your Skills

Thirdly, refine and enhance your skillset. A recession is a great opportunity to brush up on your knowledge and brush up on new practices. Consider taking courses or additional certifications to stay ahead of the industry and enhance your offer. Learning new techniques like airbrushed nail art, 3D nail art, and special effect nail art will help you stand out against the competition.

4. Market Your Services

Finally, market and advertise your services. Create promotional materials including a website, business cards, and social media accounts to showcase your services and bring in new clients. Promotional materials help spread awareness and let potential customers know what you have to offer.

It's a difficult time for nail techs, but with a little effort, you can upgrade your services and come out as a winner during the recession. Make sure to invest in quality tools and equipment, create a professional workspace, enhance your skills, and market your services. This will ensure that you can attract new customers and keep businesses afloat during these uncertain times.

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